Course Description

The Extraordinary Connection Module is designed to help leaders understand team dynamics and how important their role is in connecting people in the workplace.  

The lessons in this module help leaders to understand the science of psychological safety in the workplace - the things that threaten and reward people that occur naturally within 'business as usual'.  

This module helps leaders to understand the small yet extraordinary things they can do which help people to feel valued and heard, creating a connected and collaborative environment.


Kym Lincolne

Kym Lincolne, the director and lead consultant of The Field, has over 15 years of experience working with thousands of leaders and teams in culture change in Australia. She has a background in Psychology (University of Southern Queensland), the Neuroscience of Leadership (Middlesex University) and executive coaching.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 2: Extraordinary Connection

    • Welcome to Extraordinary Connection

    • Your Extraordinary Connection Interactive Workbook

    • Introduction to Extraordinary Connection

    • Drew Dudley: Leading with lollipops (Optional)

    • Lesson 1: The Social Brain

    • Test: The Social Brain

    • Lesson 2: Blocks to Extraordinary Connection

    • Test: Blocks to Extraordinary Connection

    • Lesson 3: Leading Motivation

    • Test: Leading Motivation

    • Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation (Optional)

    • Lesson 4: Being Present to Others

    • Test: Being Present to Others

    • Ronnie Polaneczky: The Power of Deliberate Listening (Optional)

    • Lesson 5: Learning From Others

    • Test: Learning From Others

    • Lesson 6: The Art of Asking Powerful Questions

    • Test: The Art of Asking Powerful Questions

    • Extraordinary Connection recap!

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