Course Description

An Organisational Development program exploring unconscious bias, diversity in the workplace, and developing diversity of thought for yourself and others in the workplace!  (NOTE:  We have prices for multiple program participants - please email us at for more details!)


Kym Lincolne

Kym Lincolne, the director and lead consultant of The Field, has over 15 years of experience working with thousands of leaders and teams in culture change in Australia. She has a background in Psychology (University of Southern Queensland), the Neuroscience of Leadership (Middlesex University) and executive coaching.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Extraordinary Minds Program: Diversity of Thought

    • Introduction to The Extraordinary Minds Program: Diversity of Thought (D.O.T)

    • Your Diversity of Thought Interactive Workbook

    • Lesson 1: Diversity of Thought

    • Test: Diversity of Thought

    • Lesson 2: Implicit Associations

    • Implicit Association Tests (link)

    • The Heineken Ad: Worlds Apart

    • Test: Implicit Associations

    • Lesson 3: Blocks to Diversity of Thought in the Workplace

    • Test: Blocks to Diversity of Thought

    • Lesson 4: Your Extraordinary Self

    • Lesson 5: Developing A Curiosity Mindset

    • Test: Developing a Curiosity Mindset

    • Lesson 6: Theory of Mind

    • Test: Theory of Mind

    • Lesson 7: Leading Diversity of Thought

    • Test: Leading Diversity of Thought

    • Lesson 8: Neuroplasticity

    • Test: Neuroplasticity

    • Drew Dudley: Leading with Lollipops

    • Lesson 9: The Art of Failure

    • Test: The Art of Failure