Who The Field are and what we do

The Field Coaching and Development is an organisational development company, specialising in leadership development. We work with large organisations in developing learning workplace cultures for future relevance. Kym Lincolne, the director and lead consultant, has over 15 years of experience working in culture change. She has a background in Psychology (University of Southern Queensland), the Neuroscience of Leadership (Middlesex University) and executive coaching.

At The Field, we have worked with literally thousands of leaders and teams, extending across multiple Industries, including multinationals, charities, private companies and government agencies. We have been a preferred supplier for Energex leadership development for the past 3 years and have created a repertoire of experience as to what creates an engaged, happy and future facing workplace culture.

Some of the organisations we have worked with: Airbus

Logan City Council


John Holland

Queensland Rail


Bengalla (Rio Tinto) RSPCA – QLD and NSW

We believe that workplaces should be environments of learning and development, and that keen attention to the development of leaders is the vehicle to create this as a culture – ’The way that we do things around here’. We are committed to helping people develop their potential through their work. This commitment is demonstrated by our experience, reputation and seeking of world class strategies to help leaders find immense meaning and satisfaction in their own leadership journey.

The Field’s expertise lies in 3 areas:

  • •Self awareness – Self mastery and leading from the inside out
  • •Leading Collaboration – Leading others through diversity, inclusion and interdependence
  • •Diversity of thought – The ability to think innovatively and generate curiosity to build a learning culture for future relevance